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Nature Background

The Earth Gym is a Native Woman Owned S-Corp Business on a mission to strengthen bodies, expand minds, and foster community well-being across Cascadia.

Our unique wellness model, rooted in indigenous knowledge, offers a creative and intentional way to interact with nature for people of all ages and abilities.


Connecting us to the land –

The Earth Gym uses our natural surroundings as a gym, and we re-learn natural athletic movements that connect us to the land, Mother Earth.

Hiking and running on uneven surfaces challenges our coordination and directs our attention to the right here, right now. Fallen logs become resistance training or a balancing exercise. We make a game of throwing rocks, and natural barriers become obstacle courses.

Our Approach

The Earth Gym offers a connected and creative approach to wellness – one that is centered around Native traditions of connecting with the spirit of the land.


We begin each session by introducing ourselves to the land, setting intentions, and communing with the land together. 


As we traverse forests, streams, and mountains, Rachel uses her bodybuilding experience to get us working up a sweat, and she integrates indigenous plant and medicine knowledge as we move through these sacred spaces.


Get Moving With
The Earth Gym

Rachel can tailor a fitness and wellness program to meet the needs of any community, school, or organization.

She can come into a space and build a gym from found materials, or collaborate on larger-scale projects depending on your budget and vision. She is also available to advise on the creation of Earth Gym curriculums, so you can embed the principles of connection with the earth into your outdoor education or fitness programing.


Click below to learn more about her expertise, and how she can collaborate on your project!

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