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Nature Background

The Earth Gym is –

A connected and creative approach to wellness

Functional fitness that centers wellness as a way of life

Sustainable outdoor recreation guided by indigenous knowledge 


Fitness used to be our way of life – 

Our ancestors hiked, hunted, gathered, and built. They moved through and with the land, and they honored what Mother Earth provided in the process. They were at home in their bodies and at home in their lands.

In today's colonized setting, wellness often looks different. We plug in our headphones and squeeze in workouts between hectic schedules, alone in our homes, or in crowded gyms. Our kids play on plastic playgrounds with battery-powered toys. We're disconnected from our bodies, from each other, and from the earth.


The Earth Gym offers wellness for the whole person and the whole earth, a wellness that gets us moving together, with intention, and in communion with the nature around us. 


What We Offer

Functional Movement Fitness Classes •  Obstacle Courses • Wellness Walks • Hikes • Consultations • Speaking Engagements

Meet the Founder

Rachel Heaton is a mom, climate activist, and former competitive bodybuilder. The Earth Gym is a synthesis of her wellness journey and the indigenous knowledge that guides how she interacts with nature.

As a member of the Muckleshoot Tribe, she intertwines Native tradition with functional fitness, bringing communities together and connecting them back to the land through nature-inspired workouts and walks. Rachel is available for Earth Gym training, consultation, and speaking engagements.

Rachel Heaton


"Anyone who has the opportunity to go outside with Rachel should jump at the chance.  She knows first-hand the power of the land to heal and strengthen all of us, and she can help anyone access that connection.  She is generous in sharing her traditional knowledge and ceremonial connection with nature, helping participants from all backgrounds deepen their connection with the land. Rachel exudes warmth and puts people at ease, so that everyone feels welcome in nature (even the most urban among us).  She is a remarkable person and a gifted guide."

— Rebecca


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